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essence_of_tong's Journal

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What's cooler? Cutting open a dinosaur to unespectedly find machine parts inside, or watching a robot get out of control and malfunction/turn on its creators?
adventures, being sprayed with pig-blood, best dinosaur dancing, bonnie tyler, boy pants, buy-one-get-one-free, car boot sales, car parks, celebrity lookalikes, channel five, cheap underwear, chips with curry sauce, chopping up pig heads, cigars, columbo, columbo trivia, cowboys from outerspace, des and mel, diner food, dinosaur or robot?, dinosaurs, dinosaurs vs. robots, drink stealing, edible paper cocktails, electroclash dancing, finally getting pills, five pence the sport, floury baps, footloose, giant acrylic snails, having a soul, just one more thing, kelly and ozzy's 'changes', king adora, klong not clong, leeds station ticket barrier, men in dresses, men's magazines, metropolis, morrisons, noble dinosaurs, onstage with the fall, outer space, panhandle always faces north, pete tong, photo-stories, photos with bad goths, plastic animals, plastic snails on disability-benefits, plastic snails with disabilites, po-mo pseudo-ironic fashionista posturing, poppers burns, prog rock, robot sluts, robot sluts from outer-space, robots, robots-with-a-penchant-for-tutus, slash fiction, sluts, sweet (non-sexual) dino-love, teal surgical masks, the chronic, the dog, the goon, three for two, trash cafés, trisha, turbo sluts, virgin trains, wakefield buzz, whisk hand, whistlestop meal deal, wilkinsons, wrapping roy orbison(in cling-film)